TRADEMARK - International: BABY BLUE®
Variety Denomination: Nirpvlet
EDITION: NIRP International
Type: Floribunda Roses
Shape: flat
Color: hot pink-mauve
Flower Size ø cm: 6
N. of Petals: 20/22
Fragrance (+/++/+++): +++
Growth Habit: bushy
Vegetation: strong and regular
Height (cm.): 70/80
Width (cm.): 45/50
Foliage (size/color/surface): medium/medium green/semi-glossy
Resistence to Diseases (+/++/+++): +++
Blooming: in clusters
Flowering: recurrent, from May until frost


A very charming fuchsia pink cluster flowered bush rose, with yellow stamens in evidence (20/22 petals). The very compact and strong plant, with dark green foliage, resists well to diseases. It blooms abundantly until winter. Height: 70/80 cm.
USE. Clumps, borders, hedges. Very good in containers and pots.


2019 BARCELONA, ES: Best Fragrance - Perfume Masters Jury

These technical information are a guideline only.
The development of the plant and flowers depend on the geographical area, climate and growing methods.