Nirp Internationa S.A.


NIRP International S.A. is a worldwide leading Company in the field of research, breeding, selection and marketing of new cut rose and garden rose varieties.
Established in France in the 60ties, Nirp has been able, over the years, to conquer a large market share thanks to a tradition made of professionalism and passion.
Nirp varieties are highly appreciated on all the markets for their agronomical, aesthetical and commercial performances.
NIRP International is proud to have customers all over the world: Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


NIRP International S.A. Headquarters are located in Europe, in the South of France.
NIRP is also based in Italy (Ventimiglia), on the Italian Riviera very close to the French border.
This site is dedicated to the breeding and selection, pre- commercial tests and production of propagating material.
● Cut Roses
In Kenya, NIRP East Africa Ltd., located in Naivasha, is dedicated to a specific breeding program for the East African market, as well as show casing and budwood production.
In Ecuador, NIRP Ecuador C.Ltda takes care of selection, representation and marketing of Nirp varieties. The beautiful and updated show case is located at Rosaprima (Cayambe) and it is always open to customers visits.
In Colombia, Nirp is very active with its Representative and a very interesting Test Area, located at Sunshine Bouquets, (finca Betania,Tabio Cundinamarca).
In Brasil as well, Nirp is active with its Representative and a showcase, located at Vale das Flores (Andradas, Minagerais).
NIRP has show cases and agents also in Ethiopia, Iran, China, Japan and South Korea.
Local establishments are very important to test, introduce and improve the right varieties for each specific climate conditions and markets.
These efforts are made in order to meet the needs of NIRP customers, including the possibility of seeing the performance of the varieties and of the new introductions in their own areas, as often as they like.
Garden Roses
NIRP selections centres are located in Italy, in France (Douè la Fontaine and Liffrè). Nirp has partner for testing its new garden rose varieties also in Germany, Holland and other european Countries.


The Company is run under the direction and management of the Ghione family, that works in the field of roses since three generations.
NIRP has a team of very professional people, and to serve better its clients and achieve the local needs, very performing agents, representatives and partners are active in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.


Research & Breeding
Important human, financial and technological resources are dedicated to the research, breeding and selection of new cut rose and garden rose varieties.
The breeding program developed is at the moment one of the largest of any ornamentals’ breeder in the world.
This program is entirely managed through a tailor made software, in perpetual improvement thanks to the constant interaction between the breeders and the software developments.
Every year, on the different breeding lines, 40.000 crossings are performed and 300.000 seeds are produced and grown for selection.
The codes are grown in a very organized way in testing and pre-commercial greenhouses, subject to a strict supervision.
Starting from the second year of selection, the best codes are sent to NIRP testing premises in each production Country for further evaluations.
This means that during the following years the codes are tested in each specific climate conditions.
● For cut roses: Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil, Kenia, Ethiopia, Iran, China, Japan, South Korea, etc.
● For garden roses: France, Italy, Holland, Germany, and recently also USA.
Nirp sends “trials” of the pre-commercial varieties also to its best customers in each Country, in order to test the varieties in other further locations and also with different growing systems.
The plants and flowers of new varieties are also shown to the main buyers and traders, in order to test the appreciation of the commercial side and final customers.
Commercial Introduction
Thanks to all the information collected by the Nirp managers, technicians, local and international agents,and best customers, after 5 or 6 years, only the very best varieties are chosen by Nirp for the commercial introduction: they prooved to be very performing on agronomical, aesthetical and commercial sides.
On an initial population of some hundreds thousands seedlings, every year only few codes receive a name and are patented worldwide, to become a commercial variety for the international markets.


NIRP International has a wide range of cut rose varieties for each main typology:
  • Large Flower (HT)
  • Intermediate Flower
  • Spray Roses
Following the new trends, recently also "garden look" and fragrant varieties were introduced succesfully.
NIRP International cut rose varieties are highly appreciated on all the markets for their agronomical, aesthetical and commercial performances.
NIRP International has a wide range of garden rose varieties for each typology today requested by the market
  • Large Flowered Bush Roses
  • Floribunda & Polyantha Roses
  • Shrub & Ground Cover Roses
  • Climbing Roses
  • Miniature Roses
NIRP International is popular for its Tea Hybrid garden rose varieties, in particular for the very scented range of "NIRPARFUM®".
These varieties are very healthy and resistant to diseases, and very fragrant!
At the moment one of the aims is to enlarge the new Nirp range of "romantic" garden roses.
Following customers demand, NIRP is also improving the selection of varieties very good for "flowered pot" and with compact habit.


NIRP International protects its creations through Plants’ Breeders Rights and Registered Trade Marks. Such IP rights are then licensed to rose growers and propagators through commercial agreements.
NIRP International owns a significant portfolio of Breeders’ Rights in all the main UPOV Countries, such as the whole EU Countries (France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Poland, Hungary, etc.) Russia, Ecuador, Colombia, China, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Brasil, etc.
NIRP International also protects its commercial names through international Trade Marks based on the Madrid Convention.
The whole IP (Intellectual Property) portfolio is managed through a fully integrated software in order to make sure that the IP management and the maintainance of the IP titles are constantly under control.
NIRP International is fighting a real battle against the illegal exploitaiton of its IP rights worldwide by all juridical instruments on the basis of the different national and international legislations and treaties.
High financial and human resources are devoted for such activity especially in the main production and market areas.
The outcomes of this activity are very succesfull and substantially contribute to a reduction of the violations of Breeders’ Rights, which is definitely important for the whole flower industry.
NIRP is also proud to be member of CIOPORA (the International community of breeders of asexually reproduced ornamental and fruit-tree varieties), and gives its active contribution to the activities of legislations improvements, anti infringement strategies and safeguard of IP rights in the field of ornamentals.


NIRP International is happy to participate to all the most important Floriculture Exhibitions in the world in order to show its varieties and latest introductions and meet its customers and partners.
Open Doors (cut roses)
For garden roses, Nirp organises spring/summer "Field Trial Days" at its garden rose selection centres in France (Douè la Fontaine and Liffrè), Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.
Fields Days (garden)
For garden roses, Nirp organises spring/summer "Field Trial Days" at its garden rose selection centres in France (Douè la Fontaine and Liffrè), Germany, the Netherlands and Italy.
All customers are invited to see the latest varieties introduced, the pre-commercial varieties and many new hybrids in advanced test phase.
When a beautiful new garden rose variety is selected to be introduced on the market, NIRP International always would love to give it a very special name on the other hand, an increasing number of celebrities would love to have a garden rose by their names. Discover what happens when NIRP roses and VIP meet each other.
International Rose Trials Competitions
NIRP International always participates with its new garden rose varieties to the most important "rose trials" of the world: Bagatelle, Orleans, Lyon, Nantes, Saverne, Aja, Baden-Baden, Le Roeulx, Hradec Kralove, Glasgow, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome and others.