TRADEMARK - International: GOLDEN AGE®
Variety Denomination: Adadenoj
EDITION: NIRP International
Type: Climbing Roses
Shape: turbinated
Color: pastel yellow
Flower Size ø cm: 5/6
N. of Petals: 10/12
Fragrance (+/++/+++): +
Growth Habit: climbing
Vegetation: strong, regular and vigorous
Height (cm.): 300/400
Width (cm.): 100/150
Foliage (size/color/surface): medium/medium green/semi-glossy
Resistence to Diseases (+/++/+++): +++
Blooming: in clusters
Flowering: recurrent, from May until frost


This climbing rose is the result of 10 years of breeding and many other years of selections. The small yellow flowers are made of ten petals and have a slight honey scent. The bloomings are spectacular thank to the really huge clusters (from 20 to 60 small flowers each). It blooms early and than continues all summer and it blooms again gently in Fall. The green foliage is strong. Good resistantance to diseases. Height: 350/400 cm.
USE. This rose can be used on walls, fences, pillars and can decorate pergolas. It can also be used as a weeping rose, thanks its flexible branches. This variety is a real novelty: there is no yellow climbing like this on the market, at the moment.


2014 LE ROEULX, BE: Silver Medal
2014 ORLEANS, FR: Certificate of Merit
2013 MADRID, ES: Certificate of Merit
2013 BAGATELLE, FR: Certificate of Merit
2011 BADEN-BADEN, DE: Honour Prize of the City of Zweibrücken
2011 BADEN-BADEN, DE: Silver Medal

These technical information are a guideline only.
The development of the plant and flowers depend on the geographical area, climate and growing methods.