TRADEMARK - International: GILIANE®
Variety Denomination: Sauvami
EDITION: NIRP International
Type: Floribunda Roses
Shape: cup
Color: light pink
Flower Size ø cm: 9,5
N. of Petals: 70
Fragrance (+/++/+++): +
Growth Habit: bushy
Vegetation: regular
Height (cm.): 70
Width (cm.): 50
Foliage (size/color/surface): medium/dark green/semi-glossy
Resistence to Diseases (+/++/+++): +++
Blooming: in clusters
Flowering: recurrent, from May until frost


Cluster flowered bush roses. The dark green foliage highlights its pink flowers (70 petals). This variety starts blooming early and will continue through the year. The plant is strong and dark green foliage is very resistant to diseases. Height: 70 cm.
USE. For hedges, borders, clumps.

These technical information are a guideline only.
The development of the plant and flowers depend on the geographical area, climate and growing methods.